Solve Your Biggest Culture Challenges

It's time to look around and finally decide that enough is enough. There is a better way. You can build a better culture through a better employee experience at your company. And you're going to pursue it until you get there. Forward progress. Momentum. No quitting. Go, go, go. Muster up the courage and get started. Here's how.

Employee Experience: to live your brand, employees must first experience it themselves

  • employer value proposition and recruiting

  • onboarding and new employee orientation

  • employee engagement

  • corporate social responsibility and employee brandbassador programs

  • employee recognition initiatives

Internal Communication: inform, involve and inspire your employees

  • internal communication including mobile apps and collaboration tools for employees

  • intranet site design and launch or redesign and relaunch

  • content creation

  • web and video production

  • channel and distribution methods and surveys

Transformations: build employee awareness and earn support for organizational change

  • M&A communication

  • culture merging and assimilation

  • operational change management initiatives

  • HR and IT software and systems implementations

Culture Alignment: imagine, create and reinforce the kind of culture your employees want and deserve

  • mission/vision/values development

  • purpose statements and corporate social responsibility initiatives

  • training and corporate learning initiatives

  • team development programs

  • leadership development programs

Leadership Communication: ignite leaders as communicators to drive culture, alignment and performance

  • c-suite positioning and executive visibility

  • frontline manager communication coaching and activation

  • leadership messaging strategies and tactics

  • operational (hubs, plants, call centers, distribution facilities) communication strategies and implementations

Lots of choices. But simply start with one. Then own it and make it happen. Then pick another and fix it. And so on and so on.

Refusing to settle for the status quo and confidently doing something about it. That's audacious.