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Happeo: The Internal Communications Podcast:

From Newsletters to Artificial Intelligence

“Let’s face it. There aren’t a lot of Internal Communicators who grew up thinking Internal Comms is what they want to do. You wanted to be a fireman (or woman!), an astronaut or a ninja turtle. Your parents were probably telling you to become, as the song goes, “a doctor, or a lawyer, or a business executive”. Yet here you are. You’re doing Internal Comms. You won’t be on the cover of Forbes magazine. You probably won’t have a custom trading card, and you likely get less credit than you deserve for what you do. But companies -need- you and let’s face it, you need them. If companies didn’t have Internal Comms issues, you wouldn’t read this post! This is how it works for most of us. Most of us. 

Jason Anthoine isn’t “most of us”. He may not have labeled it explicitly, but he definitely feels it was his destiny to become an Internal Communicator. And you know what? 30 years later he’s still doing it. Jason tells us how his parents - particularly his father - inspired him to become an Internal Comms professional. He tells us all about courage his number one most important attribute for success, and how he’s seen IC move from paper newsletters to A.I. The role of IC is changing and Jason has a clear view of the horizon. One we can all learn from. Listen to his words of wisdom…”

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Internal Comms Pro Podcast:

A.I. in the Workplace

On this podcast, I talk about emerging Artificial Intelligence in internal comms and how we should always remain focused on the other, more important AI: Actual Intelligence.

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SocialChorus Webinar:

HR + IC: The Secret Sauce to Transformation

My HR BFF, Erika Migliaccio, and I recently discussed how HR and IC should and could work more closely together to drive strategic change through improved comms and better employee experiences.

Internal Comms Pro Rise & Shine:

Portland, Oregon, August 27

Join me for this Internal Comms Pro series event and learn how to structure your internal comms strategy with outputs that sizzle and outcomes that sell. Learn how to:

  • Serve up your internal comms strategy to your boss and the C-suite so they see you as a true business partner, not just a great comms person

  • Brew up your internal comms strategy that’s aligned to your business strategy

  • Perk up your courage to propose bold channels and creative content that resonates with your employees and reflects who they are, not just who your company is

There’s also an expert panel who’ll be sharing their latest tips, trends, and best practices on the biggest issues facing internal communicators.



Comms Lab Atlanta, August 22

For each Comms Lab, Bananatag hand-picks internal communication experts from across North America and brings them together to work with you on your most pressing internal communication challenges.

At Bananatag’s Comms Lab, industry experts will show you how to connect your creative and analytical skills to create truly memorable and impactful comms that drive success in your organization.

The sessions will include actionable advice and strategies on creativity, measurement, research, career development, and newsletter content, as well as tangible takeaways that will help you use measurement and data to become more strategic.


Top 15 Internal Comms Agencies listing

Delighted to be featured on the SocialChorus website as one of their Top 15 Internal Communications Agencies. It’s an impressive list of great professionals and firms and I’m glad to be a part of this roundup!

“But sometimes even when you have the most up-to-date tools, you still need some extra help. Luckily, there are internal communications agencies and consultants to help.

If you’re in that category, here are a few of our favorite internal communications agencies to consider. They work with the largest global brands and help teams engage with their workforce in a meaningful way. And many offer resources to keep communicators in the know with the latest trends.”

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