Big, Hairy Goals Are Nothing Without Audacity

In his book "Good to Great," Jim Collins describes the need for companies to develop Big Hairy Audacious Goals. And most organizations are really good at three out of four of those things: Big, Hairy, and Goals.

What those big, hairy goals typically lack is Audacity.

Countless corporate culture change initiatives have failed because the change itself was more informational than transformational. More evolutionary than revolutionary. More timid than bold. Safe but completely uninspired. Communicated but rarely adopted. 

That just won't do.

If your company is ready for real culture change and the lasting success that comes with it, you must muster up the leadership courage to see a vision of the future that's totally different from whatever your reality is.

And then you must make it happen.

Why? Because your employees deserve it, your customers demand it, and your shareholders are rewarded by it.

You owe it to all of them. And yourself. That's audacious.