Right Now, Someone In Your Company Is Planning One of These

You know the drill. You get that call to join a meeting and then they spring something on you. No warning, no pre-planning, no chance to be involved from the get-go. “We need you to get the communications about this out for us.” Never fear, these situations are perfect opportunities for you to turbocharge your internal communications efforts.

  • Mergers, acquisitions, asset disposals, closures, openings

  • Joint venture and partnership announcements

  • New product launches

  • Senior leader changes

  • Senior leader off-sites and meetings

  • Executive communications and thought leadership

  • Annual benefits enrollments

  • New benefits launches and rollouts

  • Union activity

  • Crisis and reputation management challenges

  • Regional expansions or realignments

  • Corporate and functional restructurings

  • Corporate anniversaries and celebrations

  • Employee recognitions

  • Corporate social responsibility and purpose initiatives

  • Corporate strategy shifts

  • Purpose/mission/vision/values relaunches

Individually or in any combination, all of these are opportunities for you to sharpen your internal story and strengthen your relationships with both your leaders and your employees.

Owning the situation and stepping up to the plate. That's audacious.