Making the Most of the ACCP Employee Experience Summit

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are you ready for the ACCP employee experience summit?

Next week, I’ll be heading up to the Windy City, Second City, Chi-Town (okay, fine, I’ll stop) to mix and mingle with my fellow employee experience enthusiasts at ACCP’s Employee Experience Summit. It’s no secret that improving employee engagement can lead to bottom line results, and studies (like this one from my friends at YourCause—be sure to stop by their booth!) show that uniting around a good cause is a great way to keep your people inspired and on board. 

Of course, enhancing the employee experience via corporate giving, CSR, or philanthropy activities brings with it a host of question marks: How can I use corporate citizenship to attract and retain talent? Is there a way to better align my brand with social causes? What do my employees expect out of a corporate volunteer program? Can we drive true social change through social activism and corporate giving? All of these and more will be addressed at the #ACCPSummit on Thursday, May 17th, in Chicago. 

As a frequent conference-goer and speaker myself, I’ve found that a bit of upfront prep work can help promote a more enjoyable and valuable conference experience. It can also help you avoid those head scratching “who?” “what?” “forget it, I’ll just go hide in this corner” moments. Here are a few links to help you learn more about each speaker and their companies. 


What is Employee Engagement and Why Does it Matter? 

Teryluz Andreu, Aon
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Connecting Engagement and the Employee Experience to Corporate Citizenship

Kelly France, Mondelēz International & Paul Haney, USG Corporation
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The Prudential Diaries: An Up Close Look at How One Company Aligned its Pro Bono and Talent Development Strategies for Maximum Impact

Kim Gillman, Taproot  & Amy Sulzman, Prudential
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Driving the Employee Experience, Two Minutes at a Time

Jason Anthoine (that’s me!), Audacity
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Infusing the Employee Experience with More Goodness

Janelle Saunders, Benevity


As an internal communication, culture change, and employee engagement consultant, I’m passionate about helping communications professionals gain the insight, vision, and, most importantly, the courage they need to challenge the status quo and transform their organizations. If you want to connect or simply run an idea by me, be sure to come say hello!

If you’re planning on attending the Employee Experience Summit and would be interested in meeting up for a pre-conference cocktail on Wednesday evening, drop me a line and let’s make it happen!