Is Your Internal Communications Strategy Broken?

Today I'm attending a great session put on by SocialChorus and all about how to make internal video like a boss. Of course, thinking about the power of internal videos got me to thinking about the power of internal comms in general (as if I ever think about anything else?!?).

Internal communication is the powerful force behind today's most profitable businesses, engaged employees, enviable cultures, satisfied customers, and thriving enterprises. 

And yet, according to a recent report by Poppulo, only 35% of internal communications functions have a long-term internal communications strategy in place. 

As globalization and the rate of technological change continue to increase exponentially, effective internal communications will become more mission critical than ever before. So, why are we stuck in gridlock? 

Let's Address the Elephant in The Room

Whether it's due to a lack of time, resources or understanding, too many of today's business leaders are failing to embrace internal communications as a mission critical business function. 

All-consumed with customer experience and quarterly financial performance, businesses overlook the innate value of internal communications at the expense of their most important asset: their people.

The result? Broken, inefficient, or non-existent communication processes and unhappy, unproductive employees. Your culture is suffering. Your employees are tired and bored. And you have this gnawing feeling in your gut.

It's Up To You

It's time for you to start turning things around. Yes, you. The internal comms person. I're like, "who me?" Yep. You. You're not just a communications leader. You're a business leader. And that's the most important part of your job: leading and connecting the business through better communications.

Combining your roles as a business leader and a communications leader allows you to create an effective internal communications strategy that enlightens your leaders, ignites your team and earns you a seat at the table.

To help you get started, I've put together this nifty little guide giving you the three questions you need to ask yourself as you think about turbocharging your internal comms. These aren't soul-searching, it-takes-an-hour-to-contemplate kinda questions. Just three easy things to take into account as you refine or redefine your internal comms strategy.

Getting things turned around takes time. But that doesn't mean it has to be difficult. Even doing little things like using more video can have a huge impact.

The point is, it starts with you. So just begin.