What's Your Own Employee Experience?

While on my short July break for travel and time with family and friends, I thought about your unique role in improving employee experience.

You are an internal comms leader at your company. But you are also an employee of your company. That puts you in a unique position to be both the marketer of your company’s employee experience AND a consumer of it. Unlike your colleagues in external comms who are not also editors, reporters or analysts themselves, you are in a unique position due to the dual nature of your role.

Which is a HUGE advantage when you’re thinking about how to improve the employee experience.

For example, you probably spend a ton of time working on your intranet, typically from an internal comms perspective. But you can easily take that hat off and put on your employee hat and look at your intranet through a different lens. If you weren’t the one responsible for the intranet (which of course you love…most days), would you go there? Would you use it? What do you want or need from it? What are you not getting? What would you like to get? Looking at your work through the eyes of an employee gives you a completely new perspective.

This same thinking applies to recruiting, onboarding, town halls, supervisor huddles, apps, digital signage, PowerPoint decks (serenity now!), the layout of the cafeteria, the expense reporting process and all the other stuff you both produce/influence as the IC leader and experience as an employee.

Your own experience as an employee is just as important as your role as the internal comms leader. Look at things through that employee lens and let that influence all that you’re doing. It will lead you to a new understanding and appreciation of what all of your employees are experiencing.

And thankfully for them, you are in a position to actually do something about it.